My newest yarn from Knit Picks

Almost two weeks ago, I placed my first Knit Picks yarn order and four days afterwards, it arrived. I’ve had a chance to play around with some of my yarn. I started knitting some yellow mittens..

Look at all the colorful yarn! The bright colors make me smile. 🙂


And while some rave about Wool of the Andes yarn, I wasn’t a fan… well at least not for myself since it feels itchy against my skin. Also, I didn’t find this wool as soft as some of the other wool yarn that I’ve worked with, like Patons Classic Wool. But, I really liked Knit Picks Swish! Swish, didn’t make my skin get all prickly like Knit Picks WOTA, and I thought it was softer. Of course, my reaction to a finished object made with Swish  might be completely different.

Take for example the lovely crocheted scarf, that I made with Patons Classic Wool. I didn’t have an issue while working with the yarn. I even held it up to my skin/neck while working on the scarf,  but now that it’s complete.  It’s itchy. I’m a bit sad since the scarf is so lovey. The good news, is that I already know who’ll be the recipient of that scarf. I have a few finishing touches to add to the scarf, like beads, but I know the recipient will be happy. I’ll be making Sarah’s Windblown leaves scarf for myself, but I’ll use yarn that my skin will tolerate.

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curls and q

Q – Lovely! I LOVE KnitPicks needles. I hand dyed some WOTA and am knitting leg warmers for Texas daughter, I like it. 😎
curls and q recently posted..Batting 1000


WOTA is a workhorse yarn for me. It doesn’t itch me but I can testify to the “rough” texture (for want of a better description). I absolutely love Swish — especially in bulky weight.
Nicky recently posted..Thankful Tuesday

Sarah Jane

Such pretty colours! I have the same trouble with itchy yarn too, I make such a lot of stuff that I can’t wear because it itches, fortunately my daughter can wear anything!
Sarah Jane recently posted..One of those days….


These are really colourful – very nice bright and cheerful colours. Gosh…must be awful getting itchy while knitting. I wonder why the Andes in particular? Llama wool or what?
suituapui recently posted..No longer there….


WOW! Soooo colorful! LOVE it! Great additions to your stash!
Jennifer recently posted..Balsamic Brussel Sprouts