Neem oil; effective in reducing our mosquito population

Posted by on June 16, 2013 at 4:10 pm.

Dyna-Grow Neem OilA few days ago, I wrote about the mosquito issue we have. It makes sitting outside unbearable with those pesky critters munching on your skin.

I use a variety of natural remedies to combat the problem; essential oils (citronella, mint, lemongrass), garlic, apple cider vinegar and more recently neem oil. I’ve only started using neem (outside of homemade skin remedies) within the last six years. So it’s my “newest natural remedy” that I use to combat pests.  Since I really wanted to spray a large area, I figured the most economical route would be to use neem oil. I use the Dyna-Gro neem oil. I use about two tablespoons of neem per two gallons of water.

It was my first time using the Stanley Lawn and Garden Steel 2-Gallon Sprayer and I must say it did an excellent job! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the plastic sprayer that I’d been using needed to be replaced. I decided to go with a steel sprayer that should last even longer than my trusty plastic sprayer. I look forward to using my Stanley sprayer (to use natural treatments on our land) for many years.

Early this morning, I sprayed about fifty feet away from our Warre beehive. My daughter and I enjoy watching the bees but with the the rainy weather we’ve been having that hasn’t been an option since it also brought out the mosquitoes in droves. About an hour ago, when my daughter and I went outside to check on the honeybees, we found we didn’t have to swat at the mosquitoes, they flew off to neem free areas.

I’ll be posting my Neem recipe soon

And although I meant to post my neem recipe that I use in the garden and in areas we hang out, I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. It’s been a busy week/weekend. Our family, from out of town, arrived this past Wednesday for my aunt’s funeral (which happened on Friday.)  It was great catching up with them, preparing meals for them to eat, but it didn’t leave time for much else. No worries, I’ll post the recipe within a few days. The recipe is simple and mine only has three ingredients.


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