New Years Eve delivery from Just Yarns; Malabrigo worsted single ply yarn

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

It’s been a busy day with work and crafting, and now things are starting to slow down. Early this afternoon, I received my fiber package from Just Yarns… Say what? Wasn’t I just writing about this yarn on Friday? It’s that lovely Malabrigo yarn, that I’ll be using to make hats for cancer patients.

I must say I’m impressed with Just Yarns turnaround time. I selected the cheapest way to send the fiber since I wasn’t in any rush to receive my order. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy, you know. But, it was nice that my package arrived to me less than three days later. Thanks so much, Just Yarns!


My first impression of Malabrigo is…

Whoa, this is some seriously soft yarn! Can I make a big yarn nest and just roll around in it for a while.  This yarn is single ply it’s softness/texture resembles my hair. I wear my hair in dreadlocks aka locs.

Malabrigo Yarn: Hummingbird
Malabrigo Yarn: Hummingbird


What’s really awesome is that even though this yarn is 100% wool, if I hold it against my cheek or neck, it’s not making me itch! Most animal fibers make me itch like crazy. It’s a bit odd since I can crochet or knit with animal fibers as long as it stays in my hands.  My hands aren’t as sensitive as other areas of my body. This Malabrigo wool is made from made from 100% merino wool. I’ve done my share of research about the yarn, and have read that some users who have unpleasant reactions to animal fibers, seem to be fine with merino.


Malbrigo yarn: Amor Intenso
Malabrigo yarn: Amor Intenso


I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to use the Malabrigo lace yarn I ordered for myself.


Soft & squishy Malabrigo yarn
Soft & squishy Malabrigo yarn


In total, I ordered five skeins of yarn…

Malbrigo yarn cake
Malabrigo yarn cake


I’ve even got a chance to rewind one of the hanks into a cake. I was a bit concerned about winding it with my Boye yarn ball winder, but I took it slow and didn’t have any issues. Even better there were no knots! I’m looking forward to making these into hats for some well deserving cancer patients.

Loving Just Yarns

I’m really liking Just Yarns, and might use them as my main source of purchase for most things fiber related. Besides the speedy delivery, their yarn prices are reasonable, and I was impressed with their emails letting me know the status of my order. Additionally, the yarn was nicely packaged also. And that’s not the best part… I receive points by purchasing from their store! Which then I can use later to reduce the price of a purchase. They also have a referral program so if someone joins using my link, we both receive points which can be redeemed for a future purchase.

Offering such a service, is a great way to keep customers coming back, don’t you think? I’m thinking about using my points when I purchase the Hiya Hiya Steel Sharp (large) set. I can’t get it from them now since they’re sold out. Oh well… I can wait. 😉

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Those yarns are lovely!! I love those that change colors :). I had the intention to learn to knit or/and crochet but now with the carpal tunnel syndrome it’s one of the things I shouldn’t do. So my yarns will stay where they are i suppose..
Susanne recently posted..Thoughts for the new year


YUP! I totally LOVE these yarns, too! I think the ones where the colors fade and morph into other colors are my faves!
Jennifer recently posted..Stuffed Mushrooms – on New Years Eve

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