No more candida symptoms?

Posted by on September 1, 2013 at 1:00 am.

As  I mentioned before, the garlic enemas have been very helpful in eliminating the candida symptoms I was experiencing. I’m sure candida is still lurking, but the annoying symptoms such as; Small rash on my back, itching, constipation, and a few other “lovely side effects” have been eliminated.

From my research I’ve learned that turmeric can aid in reducing candida symptoms. While turmeric is something I use with my dishes regularly, I’ve been specifically adding it to the first glass of water I drink during the day. I must say that has been effective, at least for me,  since I no longer have a white tongue.

Perhaps part of the reason that I’m experiencing such wonderful results is that I am still following a whole foods diet. The major addition to my lifestyle were the garlic enemas and now… apple cider vinegar enemas.


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