October is Vegan MoFo; Vegan Month of Food


Vegan Pizza

Apparently, October is Vegan Month of Food. Did you know that?

I was clueless about this until I stumbled upon the Tofu Cottage. The owner had the banner (which I’ve added below) proudly displayed within their posts. I’ve bookmarked their site so I can refer to it this weekend.

Vegan Month of Food 2011

What is VeganMofo?

According to the VeganMofo website…

VeganMoFo was originally created on the Post Punk Kitchen, as an homage to NaNoWriMo. Because we do want to write novels, but sometimes cooking gets in the way. So why not combine them!

I can support that!

Let’s see…

I’ve been Vegan since 1992. It definitely wasn’t a sacrifice to make the switch. There are numerous delicious options available for an adventurous Vegan — like myself. I love to cook, and experiment with various flavors/textures while I’m in the kitchen too. My only requirement is that the meal preparation time has to be quick, and on the table in minutes. Healthy, delicious, and nutritious, sure that’s a goal I can easily complete (with many dishes) in less than fifteen minutes.

A few years ago I had a cooking site that was focused on everything Vegan (raw and cooked) and although I most likely won’t be reviving that site, you most likely will see a few recipes making their way to this page.

Stay tuned, I’ll definitely be posting some Vegan Mofo for the month of October.

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Awwww-yeah! The VeganMomma I remember 🙂 LOVE these posts of yours, chica!!!!

This vegan pizza looks awesome and I am going to check out that link! I haven’t been by PPK in a while.

Awesomesauce…LOVE IT!
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