One busy week; Crafts, movies, and more…

Posted by on November 6, 2011 at 5:58 am.

If you don’t monitor your spending, it can be fairly easy to leave a store (whether in person or virtually) with less money than you anticipated. My weakness used to be shoes, and crafting items. I’d spend more than I needed. Thankfully I’ve gotten both under control.

Although I haven’t been able to make my own shoes yet, I’ve been able to reduce the amount I spend on certain crafts by making some of the items myself. I’m a frugal crafter. I could go out and purchase the items I make at home Money isn’t the issue; however, it makes more sense to save that money.

Many of the items that are readily available in stores such as;  Glitter glue, alcohol based inks, pop dots, glue dots, dewdrops, etc., I don’t purchase. I make them myself — with excellent results. Since I’ve started to include some of my crafts, on this blog, over the next few weeks I’ll include simple how you can reduce the money you spend on crafts, by making some of the simpler items at home.

Later today, my daughter and I are making glue dots. It’s a simple process that can be done at home, without spending the unnecessary dollars on already made glue dots.

Puss in boots

In other news…

This past Friday, my daughter had a play date with her best friend. They saw the movie Puss in Boots. Naturally her best friends mom and I were there too. We all loved the movie, and I’ll probably purchase the Puss in Boots on DvD for my daughter.


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