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Elfquest, Volume IIIA few weeks ago, I ordered my daughter Elfquest, volume III via Amazon. It’s in hardcover, and the storeline/artwork is simply amazing.

Elfquest, is an amazing comic book series that I discovered when I was about twelve years old. I cherished those comics, and kept them in pristine condition. I’d have them to this day (like all my other books/comics), if my mother hadn’t decided they were ‘evil’ because the elves performed magic, and promptly burned them. I was beyond upset when that happened. And while I still don’t understand the logic behind that, I’ve let it go…

The good news is, in my early twenties, I did replace those original comics via ebay, since they were the first comics and in mint condition, they didn’t come cheap… but I now have them back in my collection. Since the volume I purchased for my daughter is just a reproduction, I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars for it (like I did the original comics) I spent a little under $23.


Fairy Castles by Tiny Owl Knits

Fairy Castles by Tiny Owl Knits


A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Fairy Castles by Tiny Owl Knits. It’s knitted and then felted. I love it! My 9yo daughter is a talented artist, and most of her drawings are fantasy inspired.¬† I know she’d love this, and since she is an active crocheter, this case makes a lovely way for her to store her crochet hooks. I’m still hunting for the perfect crochet hook set for her.

I must say that Tiny Owl Knits is one of my favorite knitting designers. Her work, is whimsical, and many of the items looks like it sprung out of a fairy tale. Did I ever tell you that I love fairy tales? I’ve even written my own, although I’ve never shared them here… but my daughter seems to like them. I have the yarn, all I need is to find the time, once the crocheted hat is completed.

You know, I thought I was finished creating¬† all my crafting presents for Christmas! But perhaps I’ll cast on another project for my daughter, one more time…

Photo Source: Tiny Owl Knits


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