Out with the old, in with the new: I bought the iPad 10.2

Saturday (May 2, 2020) I received a new iPad. I purchased the iPad 10.2 (2019 model, 7th generation) on Friday and received it the very next day. I’m a few months late for its release, but considering I had my original iPad since 2004, who cares? The only reason I’m replacing my much loved older iPad is that it had stopped doing standard functions that I have used it for daily.

I wrote about that iPad, on this website, a little over six years ago. I finally broke down and purchased an iPad since I realized that I did not have a limitless space to store my much-loved books. I also knew this meant that I would have to switch over to ebooks with the majority of my purchases moving forward. In fact, I wrote about it on this post titled, Four years later, I’ve finally purchased an Ebook reader.

I used that iPad a lot and really didn’t want to make an upgrade, even though in the past several months, it was increasingly showing me signs that it needed to be updated. When I tempted to update or add apps, I was unable to do so since my first iPad was now considered too old, and updates were no longer available. Sighs… Also, my iPad would randomly start freezing on me when it was in different applications. Last Friday I, discovered that I was no longer able to access iMessage, and a few other services tied to my Apple ID. I found that a bit odd since I was having no issues accessing these services on my other devices. This was the last straw for me, and I took it as a sign to upgrade. When I told my daughter what I’d done, she said, “It’s about time!” I’ll sit on my wants for a long time.

Initially, I was going to order the Apple Smart Touch keyboard, however, after watching a few reviews and realizing that the keys weren’t backlit, I canceled my order (also on Amazon) and went with the Brydge 10.2 Keyboard for Apple iPad (2019). The keyboard is aluminum and it received great reviews. I purchased it in gold. In fact, I’m using it now as I make the final tweaks to this post before publishing on Celebrate Life. Here’s hoping that I have many wonderful years with this new iPad.


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