Pampering my skin

Posted by on November 2, 2012 at 7:12 am.

I’ve been making my own natural skin care products (shampoo, lotions, soap, facial cleansers, scrubs, etc) for over twenty years. I was naturally curious about the ingredients that went into products, and during my time of research I ;earned a lot, accumulated numerous books on natural skin care and picked up a few certifications in the process (such as my aromatherapy certification). I even had a small business that focused on natural skin care products, and while I still make products for a few stores, I’m not doing the volume I used to.

About a year ago, one of my favorite essential oil companies stopped making essentials and is now strictly a resource database for all things related to essential oils. I still frequent the site, but I sure wish that they still had their essential oils. Earlier today, I restocked my supply of essential oils (I purchase in bulk so my supplies last a while) and I’m hoping that I’m liking the quality of the companies products. Either way, I’llĀ  definitely write a review once they arrive.

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