Passion Play – Behind the Scenes

Posted by on February 20, 2013 at 12:16 pm.

Last evening my daughter and I attended the Passion Play practice.


It was a great chance to see the actors go over their lines (although I suspect many of the performers know them already) since it seems the same people play yearly. I must say that does make me wonder how ‘easy’ it would be for a new church member to try to snag a role? 😉

My daughter had a great time, watching the actors behind the scenes. There was a lot of  joking and laughter which made for a pleasant and laid back play practice. As an added bonus,  I was able to secure most of the measurements needed for the costumes I’m making.

While knitting, I got the perfect idea on how I could keep the ‘demons’ face hidden within his costume. This weekend, I’ll draft a pattern from that idea, sew it, and next Tuesday, I’ll bring it to the Passion Play practice so that it can be tested.


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