Pattern testing done: Ladybug beanie hat

Posted by on May 20, 2012 at 6:38 pm.

I really enjoyed crocheting this ladybug beanie hat.

Crochet ladybug beanie hat 3

It only uses a basic crochet stitch; single crochet, but  I’ve always loved seeing single crochet in finished objects, and even some of my fancier designs will showcase this simple stitch. 

It took less than three hours to complete this preteen crocheted ladybug beanie hat. Due to my daughters having long, thick, and curly hair, it couldn’t fit her head. Note to self, remember you must make adult size hats for your daughter’s head. For some reason, I forgot this small fact, when I agreed to pattern test the preteen size.  But to be fair, up until now the hats I’ve crocheted for her weren’t from patterns. They were my own creations, and so I measured as I went. If you’re a Ravelry user, I created a project page for this crocheted beanie hat.

The crochet designer is Alaina Smith, and she’s a Ravelry user. Her profile states she’s a homeschooling mother (love them) and she’s been crocheting since she was 11. Her profile says she learned knitting also, but she forgot how. I had to chuckle at that since for me it was the reverse. I kept up with knitting, even though I learned crochet also. But, I did forget the little amount I’d learned, up until this past December when I relearned crochet.

Further research shows that she sells her crocheted items on Zibbit. I must say it’s nice to see that she’s not underselling her work. I would be curious as to how she does with some of her higher end items. What people need to realize is, that it can take a lot of time to make handcrafted items. Some people (crafters and buyers alike) really need to realize that the time spent making the items isn’t “free”. 


  • Less than three hours? Wow, that’s something! I would be proud if I manage to finish this in less than three days xD
    Yami @ Freelancer recently posted..SEO Expert


    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Yami @ Freelancer, I’ve always been great with my hands, very nimble and quick. Perhaps it’s the years of piano playing that I’ve done? I would like to think that has increased the dexterity and speed. That hat was fairly simple, and I’m guessing an average crocheter could complete this project with 2.5 to 5 hours. Some more, other less…
    Opal recently posted..Crochet pattern testing: crocheted ladybug hat pattern


  • Teeni says:

    Your hat came out so nice! I agree with you about pricing and how we need to remember the time involved in homemade crafts. Sometimes I think people charge too much then I realize how much time it would have taken me and I don’t like to work for free. Not even for myself! Lol. So that helps me remember why prices sometimes appear high.
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    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Teeni, Thanks, sometimes people forget about this. The result the crafter does suffer, since the purchaser wrongly things the crafter is “cheating” them. In some cases, that might be true, but often the crafter is adding the hours they put into the handcrafted item. The crafts don’t make themselves.

    For that reason, when I do purchase handmade items I don’t mind paying a fair price. I do see some crafters undervaluing their work too, and at times, I’ve asked some why weren’t they charging more?
    Opal recently posted..Crochet: Learning new stitches; frogging mistakes


  • Alaina Smith says:

    Awww, thanks so much for your kind comments. I thought I’d answer your question on how I do with my higher end items. I sell 5-6 afghans a year, which isn’t nearly enough to keep up with what I make (Last year I made 16 afghans in addition to several hats).


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