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Posted by on November 3, 2012 at 5:39 am.

For the past few months, I’ve been searching for the perfect scarf pattern to make. All this time, I thought it would be something knitted, but I was lured in by one of Sarah’s lovely designs. Oh, I’m thrilled, just discovered that Sarah now has a blog!

This is not how the double double treble group (ddtg) should look.


I’ve been working on this pattern test for a little while, squeezing in stitches when I had the chance. Early this morning, while I was crocheting I realized that something was odd with Row 1, it looked nothing like Sarah’s pretty design. I was in Row 8, there are about 13 rows total. Yeah, not fun!  I looked at her design, and other pictures left by pattern testers, and realized that I’d left out a crucial step… I wasn’t working the new stitch in the same stitch as the last group double double treble group (ddtg). Well, that would explain the wonky look!

You can see a lot of my frogged work wrapped around the variegated yarn.


Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise? I wasn’t thrilled with the multicolored yarn for this project, and so I think I’ll swap that yarn and replace it with another color. I have a lot of yarn, and added more to my yarn stash yesterday. Oh well, I’ll have time today. My daughter and I are planning to have a day of crafts,  after her soccer game this morning.

Crochet is my newest craft, it’s almost been a year. I’ve really enjoyed my crochet journey. I’ve moved past turning practice crocheted swatches into doll clothing (which thrilled my daughter) and have moved on to making actual crocheted items.

This pattern has challenged me (in a good way) to expand my crochet stitches, and it has given me ideas of things I can make using the stitch.

You know something? Frogging the majority of my work, could have been avoided if only I’d paid more attention to the pattern.



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