Perfectly marked hems; vintage skirt marker

Posted by on March 12, 2013 at 7:27 am.

Last evening, I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this vintage Collins skirt maker.

The item I won is in like new condition and comes with a yardstick, hand pump, and chalk to mark the hemline. This one was probably made in 1950 or 1960s. I’ll know once it arrives to my house. These were used for making perfect hems and while they still make them now, I much prefer using the vintage design. First you need to mark where you want your hemline to fall with the ruler, then as you turn, you press the pump this ‘marks’ the skirt by marking the area with a thin line of chalk.

Collins Skirt Marker

Collins Skirt Marker



When it comes to sewing clothes, I mainly used disappearing ink pens but recently I purchased a tailors chalk marker from Joann Fabrics.  I love them! The serrated wheel in the tip of the chalk markers makes a very fine chalk line. I most likely will still use the disappearing ink pens for delicate fabrics since I’d be worried about snagging, but for everything else I most likely will be using a tailors chalk marker.

The only thing I was disappointed about was the actual marker. It’s cheaply made and I can already see a crack in the container that holds the chalk. I purchased it this past Saturday!


Chakoner - chalk marker

Chakoner – chalk marker


After a bit of research I found the Chakoner. It’s in the shape of a heart, how cool is that? It has received excellent reviews. Yesterday I purchased one for myself. The powdered chalk should be enough to mark fabric for several years. Even better, I purchased my chakoner from a local lady and she has published a book about tailoring and she also offers advanced sewing classes. So, I most likely will take one of her classes sometime this year.

Last evening, I drafted one costume for the upcoming Passion Play, so this afternoon I most likely will start sewing Mary Magdalene’s costume.


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