Planting and grass cutting on hold; too much rain

Posted by on May 3, 2012 at 6:30 am.

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Up until this week, they main thing keeping me from doing any serious garden planting was the weather.

It was too cold for many of the plants to survive the mid 30F temperatures we were experiencing throughout most of April; parts of Maryland also received snow, last month.

The weather is becoming warmer, this week. It reached 80F a few days ago, but… we’ve also been receiving a lot of rain.  I guess I could plant in the rain, right? But, I think I’ll pass on the grass cutting.

The plants that are in the garden, are appreciating the rain we’ve been receiving.

But it’s all good, there’s still plenty of work, inside, that will keep me busy.

Let’s see…

My daughters room looks like a hurricane has hit it (again) and my recent yarn purchases has my temporary yarn bags overflowing, and so I need to put them in a suitable spot.

My daughter has been begging for chapati, and so I do believe I’ll make some type of Indian dish to accompany that. Later today, I’ll be volunteering at the food closet. Regardless of how much I’d love to be outdoors, there’s plenty of work inside to keep me occupied.

Here’s hoping my part of Maryland, receives some dry days… soon!

The above photo was taken earlier this morning.

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