Prepping for canning; jams, jellies, and more

Posted by on August 16, 2012 at 8:45 am.

Here’s a picture of our grapevine. The grapes are sweet, tangy, and delicious!


If it were only me, I’d have started canning at my normal wake up time of 3:30 (my internal alarm usually wakes me around this time) but , since my daughter really wants to help can I’m waiting…

Since I knew I’d have to wait on her to awaken, I decided to wait until this morning to pick grapes from our grapevine.

Our Chestnut tree….


Around 6:00 am you could find me headed toward our grapevine…

On the way, I was pleased to see our chestnut tree loaded with delicious chestnuts that were hidden beneath their prickly shells. Chestnuts shells are needle sharp, and quite painful if you get them stuck in your feet. The spines are so sharp, they’ll even piece thin soled shoes. I make sure the ground under the chestnut tree stays clean, to avoid any accidents. Did you know chestnuts are the only “nuts” that contain vitamin C?


My morning companion


While picking grapes, I did uncover a very disgruntled toad, he wasn’t pleased that his hide out (under a lawnmower) was removed. I imagine it was cooler under there, and was a perfect spot to stay hidden and feast on an array of insects who also called that location home.

This bucket is larger than it appears. I have enough to can several jars of grape jelly, and there’s still more grapes on the vine.


I was pleased with the amount of grapes harvested from our grape vine and I cannot wait to use some of them when I can later this morning.


It looks like I’ll need to pick some field peas, here’s a few hanging outside the fence. We have about one acre of garden, enclosed in a fence.

My daughter and I are looking forward to canning jams and jellies today; As I mentioned in yesterdays post we’ll be using figs, grapes, and peaches… all of them grow in our garden.




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