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Posted by on March 27, 2012 at 5:47 am.

Quilts Global Missions Sunday 6

During the lenten season, my Lutheran church has a Global Missions Sunday. Ours was held on 03/11/12.

Global Missions Sunday, wasn’t our typical church  service. It was nice hearing music from different cultures, listening to people translating verses into different languages. After the church service, people were treated to samples of food from various cultures. Each small group ministry made a dish from a certain country.

Quilts Global Missions Sunday 1

Just look at these quilts! Aren’t they beautiful? This small group ministry has many talented ladies! I’m one of the main machine sewers, so I’ve sewn many of the quilts featured here. Some of our quilters enjoying piecing the quilts together, and by looking at the quilts you can see they do excellent work. The material needed to make the quilts are mainly received through donations.

A few of the ladies, make hand-sewn quilts. They’ve occasionally brought in those quilts to show. They’re beautiful.

Quilts Global Missions Sunday 4

The day before the event, our quilting group set out the quilts we’d made, 136 were made in time for Global Missions Sunday. Early Saturday morning you could find me at church helping the other ladies in our quilting group, spread the quilts out on every church pew.

After the second church service ended the quilts were folded, and set aside to be taken to the next day to Lutheran World Relief. They have an office in Maryland. The quilts that we made are distributed to poor people in other countries.

Global Missions Sunday was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to it next year. The day was a great time to fellowship, recognize and honoring each others culture, cultural unity!


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