Raw Pasta: Fun With Raw foods & Juicing…

Posted by on March 8, 2014 at 9:22 pm.

About thirty minutes ago, I made flourless pasta.

Raw Pasta_1.3.8.14

Raw Pasta: Zucchini Pasta

How did I make it?

Plastic spiral vegetable slicer

Tri-blade Plastic spiral vegetable slicer

 I pulled out my Tri-blade plastic spiral vegetable slicer and made some zucchini pasta. The spiral vegetable slicer can be used for a lot of vegetables as shown in the above photo, but I mainly use it to make vegetable pasta.

I must say raw veggie pasta is the quickest type of pasta that I prepare. It doesn’t take long compared to the traditionally made flour based pasta that I also make, and I will say that I’ve grown to like this even more. The main vegetables I used to make ‘pasta’ are zucchini.  Zucchini,  has a light taste which doesn’t overpower the dish. Also, you can marinate it and it will adapt the flavor of whatever you add to it. So what did I add to this?

Raw Pasta_2.3.8.14

Raw pasta with a creamy tomato nut sauce

Pasta Sauce

  • roma tomatoes
  • cilantro,
  • soaked cashews
  • soaked walnuts
  • freshly ground spices and herbs


Add the pasta sauce to food processor and blend all together to make a ‘creamy tomato nut sauce’.

In hindsight I should have chopped up some tomatoes to add a bit of color, but even without it still was very good. The good news is, I made enough for leftovers.

Keeping with lent, the majority of what I consumed was juice. This afternoon, my upgraded Breville arrived and I must say that I’m thrilled that I decided to make the switch.

Tools Used:

  1. Plastic spiral vegetable slicer
  2. KitchenAid 12-Cup Food Processor, Chrome





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