Raw Vegan Munchies: Two types of crackers and guacamole

Posted by on April 13, 2016 at 5:23 pm.

This weekend, I made a huge batch of raw vegan crackers and put my 9-tray Excalibur food dehydrator to good use. I made some sweet cookies that my daughter said smelled like banana muffins and I made a huge variety of crackers.

Raw snacks bean and veggie chips_imcl 4.12.16

Raw snacks: Black bean crackers and veggie crackers

My daughter made quick work on the crackers and is slowly making a dent into the vegetable and bean crackers that I made. She said they’re really good.

I thought I’d have a bit more of the black bean crackers for myself since she normally does not like spicy (I added Korean chili pepper and a variety of other hot peppers to the black bean crackers) but she’s loving these and is eating them by the handful.

Raw food beannveggie crackers_icl 4.13.16

Guacamole with black bean crackers and veggie crackers

This morning, I made guacamole. I have not prepared that in a while, and the crackers, chips, whatever you want to call them worked perfect for dipping. Guess what, the veggie cracker were mainly made from juicer pulp. In our household, the pulp never goes to waste. I use it in soups, gumbos, vegan burgers, desserts and raw vegan snacks. Of course, the old standby is compost.

Happy munching!


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