Red Kidney beans with brown rice and vegetables; vegan

Posted by on July 18, 2013 at 5:41 am.

My daughter loves bean dishes and so yesterday I made her a simple dish with red kidney beans, brown rice, vegetables from our garden, spices and a a splash or two of balsamic vinegar.

Red Kidney beans with veggies and balsamic vinegar_2


And while I thought I’d have plenty left over to turn into a chilly. This is all that remains. No worries, since I cook a lot of dry beans at one time and store what I don’t use for later, I’ll just grab some recently frozen beans from the freezer and make my chili today.


In other news…

I’ve received an award

About a week ago, could be longer, I received an award from Curls & Q. My post response is still in draft mode. I thought I’d be able to release it last weekend, but that didn’t happen. I should (hopefully) be finished it this weekend.

Cleansing update; Lost some weight even though I wasn’t trying

I lost four pounds on my cleanse. I’m not overweight, so wasn’t trying to lose anything. I haven’t modified my diet, so that’s not the reason for the weight loss. Depending on the cleanse, sometimes you might shed a few pounds,Β  since you’re eliminating stored crap. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, who wants that to stay inside of them, not me! Within the next few weeks, I’m hoping to write about what I do when I embark on a cleanse. To be perfectly honest, it’s not much different than what I normally do since I do eat healthy…

  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits; I consume mainly whole foods
  • Eat healthy snacks
  • Only consume healthy fats
  • No vegetarian/vegan “fake” meats
  • Β Very little processed food
  • No deep fried foods
  • Water is usually my drink of choice
  • Drink vegetable/fruit juices and smoothies

But on occasion, I do add some extra components, such as herbs and increase in enemas, to flush out unnecessary crap. πŸ˜‰

Next month, I’ll be doing a series of colonic. It’s been a while since I’ve done them, perhaps eight years? The good news is because of their increasing popularity I’m seeing more of them in Maryland. In fact, the closest one (now) is only 15 minutes away, that’s much better than 40 minutes. Before I do anything that affects my body, I do a lot of research. Some concepts, that I practice in my normal routine (herbs, enema, juicing, etc.,) is not new to me since they’ve been a part of my lifestyle since I was a child. With my insatiable desire to research anything that interests me, I stay occupied keeping on top of things.


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