Saucy; Homemade pizza

Vegetarian pizza 1 Pardon the blur on this picture. Yesterday, I snapped a few pizza shots, before putting it on the table. Perhaps I should have tweaked it in Aperture 3.

Yesterday, was the day to satisfy my craving, and soย homemade pizza(s) were on the menu.I made two; cheese and veggie with no cheese. Years ago, I stumbled upon a truly delightful cheese-less pizza. The vegetables included introduced a mild sweetness which worked wonderfully with the tangy pizza sauce. I fell in love with cheese-less pizzas, and immediately wanted to run home and try to duplicate it in my own kitchen.

Over the years, I’ve tested quite a few veggies on my cheese-less pizzas. My favorite ways to prepare them are with oven roasted vegetable; Sweet onions, oven roasted garlic, Red bell pepper, shitake mushrooms… Those vegetables work so well together, and make a pizza that’s bursting with flavor.

Pizza is normally made once per month in our household. Because I make a variety, my daughter gets to sample a lot of different pizzas, but I think her favorite is the cheese pizza. She still scarfs down the cheese-less pizzas too.

Bonding at mealtime

I’d put the pizzas in the oven about an hour before it was time to get my daughter, ย so they were still hot when we arrived home from her school. Pizza smells greeted us, upon opening the house door. “Pizza!” was my daughters happy cry. She put her schoolbooks away, and quickly returned so we could eat our meal.

The kitchen is one of my places to get creative; mealtimes are a time for both of us to unplug.ย  She gets a break from the demands of school, and she has my full attention. She quickly filled me in on the days events at school, while she quickly demolished several pieces of both pizzas (cheese and veggie). That girl can eat! I guess she’s a lot like myself, her metabolism is high — so she can eat anything.

Colorful pizza crusts

We both like flavorful crusts, and I’ll add a variety of things (usually seasonings) to the crust. Nothing overpowering, more like a nice complement to the toppings on the pizza.

Occasionally, my daughter asks me to color the pizza crust. I’ll ‘dye’ the crusts with the appropriate colored vegetable juice. One time my daughter wanted an orange crust. I added a bit if carrot juice to the dough. Then she wanted a cranberry colored crust. I added beet juice. Green was another request, juiced greens were added. You get the picture… Although some of the ingredients might sound weird, and not too appealing at all (if you aren’t big on those vegetables) but the crusts are delicious. The flavor doesn’t overpower the pizza crust. Also, the seasonings added (to the crust) complement the pizza. )

These days, I rarely order a pizza, because my daughter is used to the freshness of our homemade pizzas, and it can be hard to find a restaurant that duplicates that.

Ok, so now my pizza craving has been satisfied but now I’m craving hummus with Creamy Dhal or aย Dry Chana Masala.;)

Question: What are some foods you enjoy making?

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YAM!!!! I’m drooling all over the place…there’s nothing like a home made pizza!!!
Larissa recently posted..3 Beauty Tips on Why to Wear MakeUp


OMG – yes! This looks awesome! AND…I, too, have been craving vegetarian Indian food for MONTHS!!!!! Specifically Dahl, Today for lunch I had some Spicy Thai Sweet Potato Soup – vegan – from Pacific Foods! Pretty good! Stay craving Dahl tho! LOL
Jennifer recently posted..MISC Stampelkallans Projects

Kate Brown Wilson

I really admire you Opal, specially when you are creating special meals for your own family and sharing it to all interested readers , I would love to try this one. I am just wondering you included to your recipe dry Chana Masala, I am thinking that this is one spices from India am I right?
Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..sms


I would prefer pizzas with a lot of cheese…and mushrooms as well. I love deep=fried dhal fritters but I’ve never tried making them – would just go and buy at the stall @ 3 for around 30 cents, your money. A lot easier, no need to go through the trouble.
suituapui recently posted..Been here beforeโ€ฆ

Liane Markus

This home made pizza is excellent for family bonding and house parties. I will probably try to make one at home because I am sure I will be able to save money rather than buying pizza outside. Thanks a lot for this simple pizza preparation that you have shared.
Liane Markus recently posted..ืฉืœื™ื—ืช SMS


im a big fan of home made pizzas, i always look for some new special recipes. this one seems to be very delicious, i just want to give it a try and bake it as soon as possible. thanks for the nice recipe;)
Cindy recently posted..Toothache home remedies and natural cures

Adeline Vazques

This is unique pizza and simple. It is filled with cheese and sauce which I love in pizzas. Homemade pizza is very delicious and sometimes I like it better than the usual pizza in restaurant. You can customize it and add some special flavor which is a good thing.