Serging: A bag for art camp

Early this morning, I realized that I’d told my daughter that I’d make her a bag for Art Camp. Art Camp starts today. Whoops… and so around 5:00 this morning, I pulled out my Serger, cut out the appropriate lengths of fabric, and started serging. If I was not so rushed, I would have taken photos of the entire process.

Sewing: Art Supplies Bag
Sewing: Art Supplies Bag

1.5 hours later, I completed the above bag. Guess what? I still had enough time to shower, dress for work  and pack her lunch.

Her art supply bag, is fully lined with the same fabric. I do believe I’ll include a pocket, but that will be added after she arrives home this afternoon. This bag was purposely made large to hold all the art supplies that she needed for the camp and the ones she’ll acquire over the course of this week. I must say that it felt great completing this last minute project, and more importantly, I kept my promise and had her bag sewn before Art camp started?

I don’t like doing anything at the last minute. I normally do my projects well in advance, but this one slipped under my radar. Guess what? My daughter accepted my apology, and smiled as she looked at her brand new art bag.

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Early bird gets the worm, eh!? Thumbs up on the bag! Woot! Very nice!
Jennifer recently posted..Grand Prize Day! Have You Commented On ALL 7 Posts?


That’s a lovely bag!!! Nice colour and prints! Me too! I do not like leaving things till the last minute – would want to finish quickly, way ahead of time.
suituapui recently posted..I will wait…


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