Seriously, Amazon?

Posted by on November 6, 2013 at 5:52 am.

This past Friday, I ordered two rabbit bowls from Amazon.

Their bowls are made of crockery and can’t be turned over as easily as the bowls that are currently in their homes.

Our rabbits main food is hay, but we do keep dry rabbit kibble (hay is the #1 ingredient in the kibble) in their homes too.

Amazon Broken Rabbit bowl_1

They arrived yesterday…. in pieces. The mail lady alerted me of this, by knocking on our door and telling me it sounded like whatever was in the box was broken. Because of that, she explained she had marked the package as possibly damaged. How awesome is that? The tinkling of the package as she handed it to me, made me think she was correct also.

When I opened the package I saw what you see in the above picture. It makes me wonder what in the world was the person who packed this box thinking? Seriously, someone needs to learn how to pack breakable items. Common sense was not present when they just dumped breakable bowls into a box. They should have been wrapped individually with wrapping paper or bubble wrap.

Amazon Broken Rabbit bowl_2

Amazon has a great return policy, so I’ll be getting my replacement today. I’m hoping it does not arrive in pieces. 😉


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