Sewing my daughter’s dance dress; A big uh oh…

Posted by on February 3, 2014 at 5:47 pm.

Something told me to order seven yards, but no I only ordered five and so after sewing pieces to my daughters dress I realized something… I forgot to cut out the piece to the front part of the dress! Of course, I didn’t have enough to finish the dress.

Dress Bodice-Father Daughter dance_1

I hand basted the yoke (top part of dress) before machine basting. I love nice neat machine sewn stitches. Yes, I’m one that looks at the stitching of anything I purchase. I dislike seeing sloppy seams!

Yes, I went online and ordered a few extra yards, if everything goes like normal, I’ll have the remaining yards in time to finish the dress before Friday.

Dress Bodice-Father Daughter dance_2

The finicky part (bodice) is over, so the remaining sewing will be cake.

Pink Tangerine Ombre Poly Charmeuse 59W

The fabric was washed before used to remove chemicals that is commonly used on fabric. Also a great idea to wash (if possible) since you don’t know how often it’s been handled or sitting before your receive the material.

If the material does not arrive by Thursday, I do have a backup plan. I’ll simply snag a few yards of fabric, in matching color from a local store; Jo Ann Fabric. Yes… I am laughing at my silly mistake!


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