Simple Christmas card; Digital stamp and recycled paper

Christmas card WOB Butterfly

Yesterday morning, I made this handmade card for my daughter’s third grade teacher. Included with the card was a lovely poinsettia plant. Because my daughter had too many items to carry, I went with her into school, poinsettia plant in hand.

Her teacher loved the plant, and she really liked the card also. In fact, she liked it so much that she commented about it again, once I picked my daughter up from school. For myself, it’s not a big deal, I enjoy creating things with my hands, but I was pleased that someone genuinely appreciated the item I’d made. Β Her reaction, is the same one I have when someone makes me something that’s hand made. Even if the item is simple, I’m thrilled that someone has thought enough of me to take the time to craft something with their hands.

About the card

This is an ‘environmentally friendly’ card. The card was created from leftover scrap paper I had. The original paper is recycled paper I purchased from a local store. The small circle at the top of the tree, was actually a soda can.

More on what you can do with soda cans and a die cutting machine (such as a Cuttlebug) in a later post.

Although you can’t see it, the ‘butterfly’ is actually raised above the card. So it’s not flush on the Christmas tree. To get the raised effect you can use pop dots or you can get creative like I did, and use some other material to raise your creation off the card. Since I didn’t have my homemade pop dots, I made do with some moveable eyes.

The picture is actually a coloring page. I shrunk the image, printed it on regular printing paper, and colored it with my Bic Mark It pens. To make it ‘Christmasy’ I added a Christmas tree. Which is actually a triangle I cut myself, glitter was included to bring a bit of sparkle to the card.

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What a beautiful card! I know I always appreciate people taking the time to give me a card, but when it’s one they’ve made themselves, that always means so much more to me.

I had high hopes of making some gifts this year, but other than my cookie baking extravaganza that did not pan out. But that’s OK– I’ll just start in January on gifts for next year!
Erika recently posted..What I’m Doing During my SF Holiday Staycation

Liane Markus

The card is beautiful. What kind of paper did you use when you created the card? The kids of my friends love to do stuffs like that, and I should probably tell them about it!
Liane Markus recently posted..VZ 58

Beth Ellen Nagle

Love the card. I’ve never heard of a Cuttlebug. I’ll have to check it out. πŸ™‚


I love it! Very creative and it looks really cool! I always prefer these personal handmade cards, they are so much better then the conventional christmas cards..
Cindy recently posted..Dental blog


I think your idea is great! WE must take care for the environment in every aspect in our lives, including X-mas cards also!I think my kids are going to love this, we can make it even together and I can try educate them on preserving the mother Nature:)
Anna recently posted..dentists london


This is truly wonderful! LOVE that it’s reusing elements πŸ™‚ LOVE the lil angel and the bling! The tree is cute, too! Great colors! One of my fave cards of yours so far!!!
Jennifer recently posted..Handmade Beads