Simple: Tomato Soup

Posted by on March 8, 2013 at 6:52 am.

My daughter loves tomato soup, simple to make but oh so flavorful…

Homemade tomato soup

Homemade tomato soup


After school, my daughter said she wasn’t that hungry so I made her a light meal. Since I know tomato soup is one of her favorite soups and she hasn’t had it in a while, I surprised her with a flavorful bowl of tomato soup.

The tomatoes were grown in our garden, they’d been harvested and stashed away in the freezer. Freshly juiced carrot juice was added to the soup, along with fresh lemon juice (to taste).  A few cloves of garlic/ginger were ground. I let that simmer for a bit and then added some  seasonings and a few chunks of her favorite cheddar cheese. Since the soup was hot, the cheese melted quickly and it was ready for her to eat. A simple meal but my daughter loves it, and it never lasts.


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