So much to say, so little time to write

It’s been busy in my neck of the woods, but busy in a creative way. Recently, the muse has called me to sew, which I guess is obvious with the amount of posts I’ve done about them lately. I did so much, that I felt led to start another site that focuses solely on my love of hand crafting.

But, other areas of my life should be written about… such as winterizing the honeybee hives (they’re doing well)  and my continued adventures with ferments, cooking and soap making. I’ll be sure to write about them soon.

This Thanksgiving holiday, I received a lot of rest. My body was telling me it needed that and I took heed and listened.  The dress, that I’m sewing for my daughter is coming along well. I’m hoping to be completed everything within the next few days. Once finished, I’ll be sure to post a picture here.

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I know what you mean! It’s been crazy with vet appts, family/holiday stuff, work, home, etc. I just threw on a quick post but I have LOTS of foodie related posts to get to this week!
Jennifer recently posted..Caturday, FurFamily, & Wine


Yes, I had a busy weekend too, a wedding in the family. It was great, all the joy shared, meeting family members from near and far, the bonding…but when it was all over, I felt I was coming down with something, a little under the weather…but I managed to keep it at bay, drank lots and lots of water and had plenty of rest.
suituapui recently posted..It’s a beautiful day…