Social studies; last big project is done

Whee, I’m not sure which one of us is more thrilled…

My daughter or myself, her Social Studies project is done!

My daughter is an A student, I do challenge her to always do her best; even at times when she might not want too. “You’re work, is a reflection of you, Make that impression memorable!” is something I always say.

You know how hard it is to keep my mouth shut while my daughter works on her project? I loved doing things as a child, naturally I have years on her, and can think of some very cool ideas she could do for her project. Which was about the three branches of the United States government, but I really can’t. I can offer suggestions and say, “Oh, that’s great!” or… “Do you really think you want to do that?”

But, I can’t do the project for her…

I can offer support and make suggestions, but ultimately it’s her project, so the work must be completed by her.

So yes, my daughter is thrilled that this project is done.


And she’s sort of feeling like these kids.

You’ve got to love the one in the middle, flexing that would totally be me, seriously…

I have photos of me flexing when I was four years old. For some reason, that was a favorite pose. And so began my fascination with bodybuilding. So it’s no surprise that hobby, bodybuilding, is something I still do today, right?  As a teenager Juliette Bergman, Cory Everson, and Rachel McLish (all bodybuilders I might add) were the celebrities that I liked. I had no desire to have a rail thin <gags> ” runway model” physique. I’ve always loved muscle.

And my daughter? Why, she’d be the one to the far left; a hat, sweater, skirt, gloves, and leggings all covered with cute dots.

Now that’s completed time to pull out my crochet hook. I do have a crochet bag to complete for my daughter teacher.

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LOL – The girls in this clip are soooo excited!! Glad your daughter’s project is done. It always feels so good after you’ve accomplished those things in school. It must be hard not to offer what you consider helpful solutions when she is working on those things. But I guess they need to be their own people too. Okay, I need to get off this post because I keep going back and looking at the clip and smiling to myself. Fortunately nobody is in the house with me right now so only the cats think I look like a crazed maniac. LOL.


I DO love their outfits! Especially the one with the colorful dots. Imagine that girl coming out of the polka-dotted house I posted the picture of on FB? LOL.


I love the girls in this clip haha. I can totally relate to the feeling – back in college, the last day of finals all my friends and I would look like this!