Splash of color; knitted amigurumi snake

Knitting: COlorful amigurumi snake; work in progress
This knitted amigurumi snake is coming together quite nicely, I love the colors!

It took me a few moments to decide on the colors for my newest work in progress a knitted amigurumi snake

And although I knew I wanted to knit something with bold colors, I had a hard time making a selection… After all, I have a lot of yarn that fits that description. After looking through my yarn stash, Which now has it’s own little closet I’m proud to say, I stumbled upon the above color combination.

My daughter says, just looking at the colors make her smile. I feel the same way.

Knitting: Colorful amigurumi snake
This is the wrong side of the knitted amigurumi snake, it looks almost as nice as the outside.

The wrong side looks as pretty as the outside, so colorful! I would say, this is a perfect first project for someone wanting to make a simple knitted amigurumi project or someone who wants to use more than one color in a knitted project. The additional yarn is carried loosely up the knitted side of the project. For myself it’s a nice break from some of my elaborate projects. The pattern is called Snakes and is found in the delightful book, Knitted Wild Animals by Sarah Keene.

I must say it felt great playing with fiber. I was extremely busy, Wednesday and Thursday, and so I was unable to do so, but yesterday I had time. And although I have plenty of works in progress that are near completion I decided to cast on 30 stitches and knit this amigurumi snake.

Dog; our Shih Tzu
Isn’t he cute? I took this picture of Mr. B a few moments ago.

I hope the recipient is pleased with his knitted amigurumi snake. The recipient is Mr. B, our Shih Tzu. The snake he has, I’ve had since childhood and it’s now looking quite ragged after all the attention it’s received from him. He sleeps with that snake. It gets washed weekly, and he’s not pleased when it’s taken away to be cleaned. Hopefully the new snake will be a suitable replacement. I’ll post pictures of the old snake, once I’ve completed this knitted amigurumi snake.




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Curls and Q

How cute! Both the snake and the dog!8-)

Sigh…. a closet just for yarn? Color me green. 😎
Curls and Q recently posted..


Love the vibrant colours. For Mr. B! So lucky…must post a photo of Mr B in that when it’s done. 🙂
suituapui recently posted..Get together tonight…

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I love when you post a photo of Mr. B! He is so cute. You’ve had him for quite some time, haven’t you? I love that he sleeps with his own little toy snake. I like the colors you picked for the new snake. I hope he will love his new one as much as the old. He’s a lucky dog to be in such a loving home!
teeni recently posted..Yarndango I – Better Late Than Never!


[…] couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw Bentley with his knitted amigurumi snake. It seems they’re getting along famously […]