Staying organized with FlexTime for Mac

Posted by on September 22, 2010 at 8:47 pm.


FlexTime for Mac

Recently, my schedule has become hectic. Working on projects, it’s easy to get sucked into my work and block everything out. However, there are times when I need to snap back into reality and do important things such as prepare meals, pick my daughter up from school, take a break, and exercise. When my daughter is home, I step away from my projects and spend time with her.

My problem isn’t motivation. When I’m focused on a project, at times I have to force myself to stop. It isn’t always easy. Last evening, I finally got around to purchasing FlexTime for Mac. Think of it as a productivity planner for your computer, it keeps tabs on the projects that you’re working on, and alerts you when time expires. Setting up tasks is easy. I’ve already added numerous tasks for myself,  and I’ll be adding more. Currently, I’ve had a warning set up, 10 minutes before I want to stop working on a project. It’s my gentle reminder that its time for me to wrap up my thoughts, slow down and change my focus.

If you’re a Mac user and want to try out FlexTime, pop by Daniel Jalkut’s (owner & developer) website and download FlexTIme. You’ll be able to try out the product for thirty days. I first tried out FlexTime in 2007, I tried the free trial, loved it but really had no use for it. I do now. FlexTime is only $18.95, if you’re a Mac user, and enjoy productivity tools, check it out!

Although I do affiliate marketing on this site (Amazon, I only recommend products I’ve used) I’m not paid anything for recommending FlexTime. I simply like the product. Daniel Jalkut does a great job of responding to his clients, via email and through his forums, so I’m happy to point others to his fabulous applications. I also use MarsEdit, another app developed by him, it’s an only blog editor. As with anything I like, I’ll recommend it to others. I know a few of my readers are Mac users so if you want to check out an amazing productivity product that’s free to test for 30 days, try it out.

Question: Does anyone else using a productivity application? If so let us know what you use in the comment section.



  • Grant @ Corporate Portraits says:

    I use the alarms that come with iCal- I know its basic but they are a great way to keep you on track via your iphone. Grant


    Grant @ Corporate Portraits Reply:

    I have also tried the notifications that come with office mac- not bad- but not as good as ical


    Healthy Opal Reply:

    Hi @Grant @ Corporate Portraits,

    Thanks for stopping by, I use iCal too, mainly to virtually write things down so I do not forget. I do like the actual timer that FlexTime offers since I can pull it up to see how much time I’ve worked on a project. You should check out FlexTIme you can download it free for 30 days, not intersted you do not have to pay.


  • kaozz says:

    Sounds pretty neat if you get caught up in your work easily! I’m pretty good about being punctual though… except when the alarm clock goes off at 7am haha!!


    Healthy Opal Reply:

    Heya @kaozz,
    My work is always on time, usually a few days ahead, but I do get wrapped up in work so need a gentle tug into reality. When I did, freelance design (clothing) I could go days without doing too much besides designing cutting, and sewing. I did a lot fresh out of college, lol.


  • Hi Opal, thanks for sharing this nice information. I’m not a Mac user now but I’d share this piece of news to my friends who own Mac computers.
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    Healthy Opal Reply:

    Hi @Felicia @ No Deposit Poker,
    Great, it’s a nice gadget too have especially if you get wrapped up in a project. This one alerts you that it’s time to move on to something else. 😉


  • Mike Ramsey says:

    I don’t really use any application to at least help myself to get organized. I tried with my desktop and it didn’t work for me. Then I brought my mobile phone, same thing happened. Even if I do my schedule in writing, I find it hard to follow it religiously. I need to discipline myself first before software can help me with my schedules.
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