Still loving my DPN’s

Posted by on July 13, 2012 at 4:18 am.


I don’t just use circular knitting needles for knitting in the round. Think hats, cowls, etc. I also use them for straight work such as sweaters, scarves, and flat lacework. They’ve complete replaced my standard knitting needles.

And although I’ve kicked my straight knitting needles to the needle art graveyard, I still use my DPN’s aka double-pointed needles…

I couldn’t imagine finishing off my knitted hats with anything but DPN’s… sure I start with circular knitting needles, but I always switch to dpn’s once my decreased stitches demand something smaller than my 16″ circular needles can handle.

Video tutorial: How to make a magic loop with circular knitting needles

I still prefer DPN’s over the magic loop. For some small projects I’ll use magic loop with my circular needles, but in many cases for working small projects in the round, I opt for my DPN’s, mainly because circulars/magic loops seems too fiddly to me…

Oh… one double pointed needle also come in handy for some of my cable stitches too. Yes, I do have cable needles, and occasionally use them, but for larger work, I always reach for my dpn’s.

After observing several videos of knitting socks with circular needles, I’m not too impressed, but I still will make a few pairs, before I form an opinion. But I most likely will keep using double pointed needles.


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