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Crocheted Amineko with amigurumi ball animals

  This crochet amigurumi ball, was made last evening. It didn’t take to long to make. Once the amigurumi ball was complete, I crocheted the ears, and embroidered the eyes, nose, and mouth. Looking through my stash; I’ll have to purchase single ply yarn, and perhaps some more embroidery floss, felt, and perhaps some eyes […]

Finished Object Friday: Two Aminekos are better than one and Swirly Twirly Scarf

I’m finding crochet to be quite addicting, although I’m still new to crochet I usually have something on my hooks. Recently my finished objects all have one thing in common, they’ve been made for my daughter. But, how can I complain look how adorable she is? The above photo was taken this morning… I was […]

Work in Progress Wednesday; Amineko, Red Angry Bird, and Swirly Twirly scarf

As I sit here writing about my works in progress,┬áIt occurred to me that at times I take what I’m doing for granted. I’m truly thankful that I’m healthy enough to do make the crafts that I enjoy, and share my love of crafts with others. I rarely keep the things I create. Crochet Amineko […]

Crochet: Amineko; slave to my hooks?

Amineko (crocheted cat) number two should be complete sometime today. Yeah! This being my second Amineko that I’ve crocheted, it’s going along at a much faster pace. In fact, I’m already thinking of number three, or perhaps I’ll make an Angry Bird for my five-year old nephew. He’s a big fan of those critters. I […]