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Homeless shelter: Not green eggs and ham… bacon and eggs

This morning, when I told a friend that I made bacon and eggs for breakfast they were stunned. Friend: Veggie bacon and eggs right? Me: Nope, it was the real deal Friend: So when did you stop being vegan? You’ve been vegan for like… forever!!!! Me: Oh I still am! Friend: Uhm…. ???? Because of […]

Amigurumi: First attempt; The making of cats

When it comes to art creation, my main form of creativity is fiber; cloth, yarn, natural and synthetic fibers… Amigurumi (pronounced ah-mee-goo-roo-mee) has been occupying most of my weekend crochet time. This is fueled by my daughter’s love of stuffed animals, She’s requested that my first amigurumi project be a cat, and so I’ve managed […]