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Amigurumi: Crochet Coraline; almost complete

  I’m happy to say that my crocheted Coraline was finished in time for my daughter’s birthday. Wait, I take that back… She was complete, until I decided to go in a slightly different direction. In the book Coraline by Neil Gamon, Coraline raves about these day glow green gloves that she sees at the store. […]

Amigurumi Coraline; work in progress wednesday

This week is flying by, hard to believe its Wednesday already. Not too many work in progresses to show today, that’s because most of my projects are complete! Hopefully, I’ll be able to feature them and my amigurumi Coraline in Finished Object Friday. I’ve missed the past two. But, back to Work in progress Wednesday… […]

Coraline: Three years late, but I’m looking forward to the movie…

Mommy, will you order Coraline from the library, please?” Is what my daughter asked me yesterday. If I’d thought about it, I wouldn’t have told her I ordered it from Blockbuster video, and let it be a surprise for this Friday. Movies aren’t allowed during weekdays, since she’s still in school. When I’m not working […]

Crochet Amigurumi: Coraline update

The Other Mother, is a character that I’ve enjoyed in Coraline, sometimes I forget and refer to the book as “The Other Mother,” since that character was seared into my brain. Over time, Coraline and The Other Mother have occasionally swapped roles when it comes to my favorite character from Neil Gamon’s book… The Other […]

Amigurumi: Crocheted Coraline

Coraline will be my first crocheted amigurumi doll. It seems appropriate, after all, I’m a huge fan of Neil Gamon’s work,  and have read Coraline many times. When my daughter was five-years old, I read Coraline to her. It’s a children’s book.  Part creepy/part goth, with a twisted adventure that kept me consuming the pages, until […]