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Teaching crochet: Crochet & knitted amigurumi dolls. Knitted robe and shawl

This week, my biggest work in progress is teaching my daughter to crochet. I mainly knit, but I relearned crochet this past December, and I love it too. Earlier this year, my daughter expressed interest in learning crochet. She didn’t stick with it after learning the simple chain and single crochet, and I didn’t push. […]

Crochet and knitting: Tying up loose ends; knitting in rounds with circular knitting needles

Sometime this weekend, I’ll be washing the crocheted and knitted bag that I’m making for my daughter’s teacher…   The bulk of the crocheted bag is complete, I know it doesn’t look like it from the above picture. In total, this bag is three foot long, of course it won’t be that length when it’s […]

Finding my happy place: End in sight; crochet & knitted bag

I’m very pleased with how the crocheted and knitted bag is turning out for my daughter’s teacher. And while I could easily give it to her tomorrow. I’ve decided to hold off giving it to her until next week. My daughter last day of school is tomorrow, the teachers have another week.  I told Mrs. M; […]

At the halfway mark; crochet and knitted bag for daughter’s teacher

Today, I’m a bit too busy to post photos and link to other works in progresses… But I’m moving along with the crocheted and knitted bag I’m making for my daughter’s third grade teacher. Thus far, I’d say I’ve put about ten hours into crocheting this bag. Because of the stitching used, half-double crochet, it […]

Pulling out my hook; Crocheting bag for my daughter’s teacher

Today, after dropping my daughter off at school, I stopped by A.C. Moore and purchased this large skein of yarn; 710 yards total. Lily is the company that makes this yarn, and  the brand is Sugar’n Cream, and it’s 100% cotton! Yeah! This bag can easily be dyed if I choose to do that.  Although, I’ve […]

Crochet: Tote bag for teacher

Over the past few years, several parents in my daughter’s classes have contributed money to purchase the teacher a gift certificate. It’s a thoughtful gesture, and I know the teachers are appreciative. Thus far, I haven’t participated in that, opting instead to do something on my own. Since I do interact with my daughter’s schoolteachers, by volunteering, […]

Crochet: Scraptastic hat update; pattern test complete

Yesterday, I posted the completed crocheted tam hat on Ravelry, and now I’m posting the item here.    Getting my daughter to only focus on the hat was a bit of a challenge, since she wanted to include all of me within the picture. But she finally realized why I  wanted just a head shot. […]