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Too busy for you….

My daughter and I spend a lot of time together. Harry Chapin: Cats in the Cradle Sometimes, making time for my daughter, means putting things I enjoy doing on hold. I’m fine with that… One of my pleasures has always been gaming. These days, I’m not doing that, since it takes too much time. I […]

Memories; vintage tootsie roll commercial

My brother and I didn’t watch television (in our house) until we were teenagers, my parents thought it was more important to improve our minds in other ways, education, crafts, exercise, thinking out of the box…. Even so, I still have fond memories of some of the commercials I saw when visiting family. Here’s one […]

6th annual Boumi carnival; Carnival fun = temporary wipeout… for me

My daughter has been looking forward to this day, it being the 6th annual Boumi Carnival. It’s the first Boumi Carnival that we’ve been too. I was a bit leery taking her to another carnival, since I was still thinking about her unpleasant carnival experience when she was six years old. She’s definitely not the […]

While I was sleeping…

The school nurse called (twice) today but I didn’t hear the phone ring. I was too busy sleeping. More on why I was sleeping later… It appears my daughter was throwing up in school, most likely a stomach virus, and so she was sent to the nurses office. My daughter’s now at home. As soon […]

Guilt-free gaming and children's day

Some of my favorite childhood memories are spending time with family. Yeah, yeah, I know… they can annoy the heck out of me at times. But, they were always there, and I knew that my parents really loved my brother and myself. My family is extremely important to me. When it comes to down time, […]

Vacation: The countdown continues

Would you believe my daughter has started counting down the days until the Fourth of July? This has been going on for a few weeks now. Several times daily she tells me how many days are left before we go away on vacation. Fourth of July and Thanksgiving are two holidays she looks forward too […]