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Weekend workout: Aqua jogging

Sitting in the sauna gives me a great view of those in pool. I see all ages, sizes, and colors congregate in and around the pool area. After a vigorous, or in some cases, relaxed workout, you’ll see a few move over to the whirlpool or migrate to my area (sauna) before heading for the […]

Workout Wednesday – 07/07/10; Legs

It’s a great feeling to do something you enjoy, right? Yesterday I managed to squeeze a workout session at Bally’s Total Fitness. The workout wasn’t too long but, I still managed to have an excellent workout. Since I managed to workout some muscles in a different way, I’m slightly sore this morning. When it comes […]

Upcoming fitness updates

You would think as much as I work out, I would include some of my fitness routines here, sadly I haven’t been doing that. Yep, I’ve totally dropped the ball in this area, however that’s about to change. In the future, I’ll post some of my fitness routines. My workouts are fairly intense, which is […]