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And we're back; vacation ends

True to my word, I stayed away from the computer while I was on vacation. I had a great time visiting family. On my mothers side, many of us meet in South Carolina. I had a few relatives asking me was I still doing the Vegan thing. You think, they would stop after all these […]

Away for Independence Day

Isn’t it Interesting how our best made plans, sometimes doesn’t work out as we’d like? When my daughter was born, I realized quickly that at times, plans will change. My daughter and I will be away for the holidays, and while I’d planned on having advance posts for every day I’m away. It’s not working […]

Vacation: The countdown continues

Would you believe my daughter has started counting down the days until the Fourth of July? This has been going on for a few weeks now. Several times daily she tells me how many days are left before we go away on vacation. Fourth of July and Thanksgiving are two holidays she looks forward too […]