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Teeny tiny knits

The past few days I’ve been working on tiny knits. During my down time, I’ve been so busy hanging with my daughter — and squeezing in knitting. That I’ve completely forgotten to take pictures, I must change that. Of course my daughter has reaped the benefits since the completed items were gifted to her dolls. […]

Scary skull

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, it happens in fall (which is one of my favorite seasons.)   This past weekend I decided to knit a few cute items for the upcoming holiday, such as the cute little skull featured here. This skull is tiny, about the size of a quarter, and was knitted […]

Warm and Fluffy; Beekeepers quilt

Resistance was futile, I’m now knitting a Beekepers quilt. I’ve been trying to fight off working on ‘the quilt’ for several months. I even mentioned that quilt a few months ago. Here’s a quote from that post… But back to this lovely knitted quilt. It’s made by knitting hundreds of honeycomb shapes aka hexipuffs. I’m […]

Knitting: Lacy Fern Afghan Update; left side panel almost complete

We’ve all those days/weeks/months…. You’re so busy that it can be hard making time for yourself. The past few weeks have been like that for me, but somehow I still managed to squeeze a few minutes to work on some craft. That usually occurred a few minutes before my bedtime. And even though I haven’t […]

It’s all mine; knitted amigrumi snake

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw Bentley with his knitted amigurumi snake. It seems they’re getting along famously right? It looks like I had nothing to worry about, his old snake has been replaced.   This amigurumi snake pattern can be found in the book, Knitted Wild Animals by Sarah Keene. This is […]

Knitting: Lacy Fern Afghan

The past few week has been extremely busy…. Several clients projects were completed. Gardening and other yard work was completed. I canned jams and jellies. And I still managed to make time to play with fiber. Below you’ll see the left side panel of a knitted afghan. It’s one of my newer works in progress. […]

Knitting: Preemie hats and an Elizabeth cowl; Finished Object Friday

This weeks finished objects were made about a month ago, I just never gotten around to posting them for Finished Object Friday.   These are preemie hats that will be given to a local hospital in my area. It just happens that my mother’s a nurse at that hospital too. No pattern was used. I’ll […]