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Man in nursing home reacts to music; ministering to others

How a man in the nursing home reacts to hearing music, recently went viral on social media. If you have a few moments, check out the above video. It’s a perfect example of how powerful music can be…Music is amazing, isn’t it? I couldn’t help but smile when this man ‘came to life’ after hearing songs from […]

Machine sewn quilts; Needle and thread Thursday

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve completed my crocheted Amineko, and I’ll be entering her in Finished Objects Friday… Today I discovered a new blog hop titled, Needle and Thread Thursday, perfect since I also sew… I’ve been actively sewing since I was about seven years old, I started making my own clothing/designs in elementary school, […]

Happy Easter; doves

Say hello to this friendly dove, actually there was another one close by, but because of the branches — I couldn’t get them both in the picture. This pair has been here for a few years, and have set up their home near our home. This morning, while walking Mr. Bentley — our Shih Tzu,  the […]