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Happy Memorial Day

Today’s Memorial Day, it’s a time set aside to honor those who’ve died.   Last year I shared a lot of Memorial Day facts… I love history. Over the years, I’ve read a lot about this particular holiday. Did you know In 1865, freed slaves took part in a huge celebration in Charleston, South Carolina? The […]

Memorial day; Local carnival and the rocket ship of terror

For those living in the USA, I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day. My daughter and I attended a few Memorial Day events. No BBQ’s here, we kept it simple. Since there’s a carnival in town I decided to take check it out with my daughter. I really had no choice, she’s been talking […]

Memorial Day: Honoring those who've died while serving the military

In the USA, May 31st is the day we observe Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a Federal holiday. Memorial day is a lot more than getting a day off of work and having celebrations with family and friends. Memorial day was created to recognize the those who died during the Civil War. I love history. […]