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And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Psalms 19:1 While walking Mr. Bentley, our Shih Tzu, I took these pictures from our yard. Besides the recent post about the birthday party my daughter attended, It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything non […]

Happy Easter; doves

Say hello to this friendly dove, actually there was another one close by, but because of the branches — I couldn’t get them both in the picture. This pair has been here for a few years, and have set up their home near our home. This morning, while walking Mr. Bentley — our Shih Tzu,  the […]

Photography: Flowers; Pink Hyacinth

Remember the flowers I posted yesterday? Well, they’re Hyacinths. I thought that was what they were, but for some reason the purple flowers didn’t look like the ones I had last year? Hmm…  However after reading Karen’s comment, and actually taking another trek outside and looking at these pink flowers, which are the same type […]

Flowers in bloom

I’m completely drawing a blank on what this flower is called? When it comes to me, I’ll update this post. I took this picture, this past Friday which was the same day I captured my neighbors pigs. Last week was fairly hot here in Maryland. So hot, it got into the 80’s F! Which is […]

First day of Spring; Peach blossoms

This morning, I took above picture. Our peach tree has only been in bloom for a few days. It makes a lovely photo, right? Spring is officially here! This past winter we received only a dusting of snow, but we had plenty of wet and cold weather, and so our large wood pile came in […]

Morning adventures; photography and breakfast

I’m an early riser (usually awake by 3:30) because of this, I’m able to see some beautiful sunrises, this is what I saw this morning, and so I wasn’t disappointed. While my daughter slept, we took some time and watched as the world became lighter. I took plenty of photos, but am only sharing two. Mr. […]

Photography: Hanging with my favorite person

Whoa… the time is flying by! It’s so busy in the real world that I’ve been scrambling to find time to do something as simple as sit down and compose a post to my website. Sadly my personal websites have been suffering, however I’m still maintaining my business sites. This week was busy meeting up […]