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Raw foods: Mango, strawberry, and banana, fruit pudding; vegan

Raw foods have been the only thing I’ve eaten for a few days, and I must say I’m enjoying the break from cooked foods. The raw food recipe I’ve listed below, is one of my daughter’s favorite raw fruit puddings. She’s been asking me to share this simple raw food dish on Celebrate Life, enjoy! […]

Maryland: Snow in April and Raw foods

Yesterday, if you lived in Western Maryland you might have received snow… We didn’t receive where I lived, but the temperature didn’t rise above the mid 40’s, and so I bundled up my daughter in her winter coat when I took her to school. You know, it feels strange to be still wearing winter clothes… […]

Fun with Raw foods

For myself, there’s nothing like biting into a ripe peach, juicy tomato, or munching on some dark leafy greens; pure heaven! We eat plenty of raw foods in our household. I’ve always enjoyed eating foods fresh from the garden. The flavor is miles ahead of what you find in the grocery store. I realize that I’m […]