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Tea: Apple Cider Vinegar

Although I’ve used apple cider vinegar for numerous years, it wasn’t until about seven years ago until I decided to do more reasearch on it’s numerous benefits. I first learned about apple cider vinegar when I was a child. My grandmother that used it religiously, she told me some of its benefits and encouraged me […]

Savory Lentil Soup; Soup that started out a salad

Savory Lentil Soup Some say that lentils are to India as meatloaf is to America, it’s the ultimate comfort food. I’ve been Vegan since 1992, I haven’t eaten meatloaf since the late 80’s, however, I’ve made numerous dishes that included lentils. For the past few days I’ve been craving lentils. I prepare Lentils in creamy […]

Vegan Veggie rolls (Egg-less); Cooking and bonding with my daughter

Vegan Veggie rolls (Egg-less) Do you ever plan your meals in advance? If I’m going to be extremely busy, it’s something I do. I believe it’s important to have healthy food options available and so when I know I’m going to have a few days/weeks of nonstop business, I prep my meals in advance. With […]

Vegan: Curried Zucchini Noodles w/Steamed Vegetables (Gluten-free)

During the warmer months, one of my favorite go to vegan dishes is a simple pasta. They are simple, delicious, and a unique way to introduce vegetables at your meal. I’ve never been a fan of the traditional pasta. Way too much flour for myself, but I’ve always loved the vegetables pastas. Naturally, since you […]

Vegan: Creamy Dhal with lightly sauteed collard greens and tomatoes

Creamy Dhal with lightly sauteed collard greens and tomatoes Earlier this week, I wrote about the Chana Masala I created. It was fun to make, and my daughter and I enjoyed eating it too. I love Indian food. You’ll usually see me preparing at lest one Indian dish weekly. Yesterday, I decided to create another […]

Celebrate Life: One recipe per week

You want to know something? I’ve been finding it hard to sit down and write down the vegan recipes I create. A few years ago, I created a vegan cooking website where I created and posted Vegan recipes. Thanks to a personal website I owned, I had gotten into the habit of writing down the […]

Enjoying our Chana Masala

Chana Masala About fifteen years ago, I was introduced to really amazing Indian food. Of course, I had tasted it before but it was the watered down Americanized version that frequently plague restaurants. Although the Indian cuisine I tasted was fine, I wasn’t thrilled. Fast forward a few months later when I started dating a […]