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Brother Se400; Checking out the embroidery function

About an hour ago I got to play around with my Brother SE400’s embroidery function. The sewing machine arrived on Monday.   I unpacked it the same day it arrived, just to see if I received all the parts, but I didn’t actually test it out until yesterday and then I only tested the sewing […]

Embroidery software is new to me…

In preparation for my upcoming ‘crafty tech’ purchase… yes, I know it’s a embroidery sewing machine, but since it’s computerized I think it’s safe to say it classifies as ‘tech equipment’, right? I’ve started checking out embroidery software. It made no sense to do it before, since the software packages I’ve been looking at also […]

Designing a hook and needle case; sewing

This evening, after my tiny crochet pattern test is completed, I believe I’ll take some time to make a carrying case for my hooks and needles. Reasons I’m interested in Knit Picks Options interchangeable knitting needles I admit, the main reason for me to get active in making a case is my recent purchase from […]

At the halfway mark; crochet and knitted bag for daughter’s teacher

Today, I’m a bit too busy to post photos and link to other works in progresses… But I’m moving along with the crocheted and knitted bag I’m making for my daughter’s third grade teacher. Thus far, I’d say I’ve put about ten hours into crocheting this bag. Because of the stitching used, half-double crochet, it […]