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Raw foods: Mango, strawberry, and banana, fruit pudding; vegan

Raw foods have been the only thing I’ve eaten for a few days, and I must say I’m enjoying the break from cooked foods. The raw food recipe I’ve listed below, is one of my daughter’s favorite raw fruit puddings. She’s been asking me to share this simple raw food dish on Celebrate Life, enjoy! […]

Sauteed vegetables: Cauliflower, broccoli, baby carrots, and sweet corn; vegan

I adore food, but I never overindulge… I only eat when I’m hungry. In our household we mainly eat whole foods; eating as close to the natural food source as possible, so you won’t see to many prepackaged meals here. What you will see is foods bursting with nutrition, flavor, and color; ┬áhealthy foods, such […]

Noodles and veggies in spicy garlic sauce

Yesterday afternoon I prepared this simple dish; noodles and vegetables in a spicy garlic sauce. The next few weeks will be extremely busy, and so just tossing a few extra ingredients to foods I’ve already prepared; rice, beans, and pasta… will be common. My vegetable pasta is actually made from vegetables but yesterday I used […]

Tea: Apple Cider Vinegar

Although I’ve used apple cider vinegar for numerous years, it wasn’t until about seven years ago until I decided to do more reasearch on it’s numerous benefits. I first learned about apple cider vinegar when I was a child. My grandmother that used it religiously, she told me some of its benefits and encouraged me […]

Very Berry Smoothie; A sipping drink for summer

From salads, soups, jellies and jams. The main star of a dish, or served as side order. Whatever role it plays in my kitchen, I enjoy fruit. I cannot get enough of them. They come in a perfect package, that in most cases is ready to eat. When it comes to desserts, fruits are my […]

Overnight soaking; Black beans

If someone were to ask me what my favorite bean was, I imagine I would say Black beans. I love a variety of beans. I keep a large variety of dried black beans in our hosue. Some of which have been dried from our own garden. I’m very proud of that. Black beans are the […]

Savory Lentil Soup; Soup that started out a salad

Savory Lentil Soup Some say that lentils are to India as meatloaf is to America, it’s the ultimate comfort food. I’ve been Vegan since 1992, I haven’t eaten meatloaf since the late 80’s, however, I’ve made numerous dishes that included lentils. For the past few days I’ve been craving lentils. I prepare Lentils in creamy […]