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WordPress Plugins: Five Community friendly WordPress Plug-ins

I’ve been using WordPress for about five or six years. I started out with Blogger, hated it moved onto Typepad after one day of using it. I liked Typepad much better than Blogger so much that I used their paid service. I stayed with them for about six months. I left when I discovered that […]

Celebrate Life; Settling in

Hey, how are yah? If you’re popping by my virtual home on the same day I’m posting this or few days after this post was published, chances are you found me via my old WordPress blog, Not your Ordinary Momma. I know the search engines haven’t picked up my website that quickly! First, I want […]

WordPress: Tweaking my WP Theme & publishing with MarsEdit

It’s been a while since I’ve played around with WordPress. The main thing I enjoyed about using WordPress with my own hosting provider was that I had so many more themes to choose. I always enjoyed tweaking my chosen WP theme to fit my personal tastes. I love WordPress I’m a huge fan of WordPress. […]

Not your ordinary Momma

Hello, how yah doing? Earlier this morning I decided to create this website. I claimed my virtual spot on the WordPress community and a few seconds later Celebrate Life was born. Based on the title, it’s obvious I’m a mom. If you want to get specific…I’m a single mom to a wonderful seven year old […]