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Work in Progress Wednesday; Crocheted Red Angry Bird and crocheted bookmark bookworms

I’m not a big Angry Bird fan; but my five-year old nephew is, and so last week you could find me looking for appropriate Red Angry Bird crochet patterns. Initially, I was going to purchase eyes, but I couldn’t locate them in the local craft store I’d visited. Perhaps that was for the best? I […]

Work in Progress Wednesday; Amineko, Red Angry Bird, and Swirly Twirly scarf

As I sit here writing about my works in progress, It occurred to me that at times I take what I’m doing for granted. I’m truly thankful that I’m healthy enough to do make the crafts that I enjoy, and share my love of crafts with others. I rarely keep the things I create. Crochet Amineko […]

Work in Progress Wednesday: Crochet; Amineko

I’m a bit late with my Work in Progress entry… Amineko, the cute amigurumi cat,  that I featured in last weeks Work in Progress Wednesday, didn’t get finished before my daughter returned to school from spring break. My daughter was greeted with WIP Amineko, when she arrived home from school. She’s loving the progress, and has called her, Marigold. […]