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Teaching crochet: Crochet & knitted amigurumi dolls. Knitted robe and shawl

This week, my biggest work in progress is teaching my daughter to crochet. I mainly knit, but I relearned crochet this past December, and I love it too. Earlier this year, my daughter expressed interest in learning crochet. She didn’t stick with it after learning the simple chain and single crochet, and I didn’t push. […]

Knitting: Diamonds and Pearls shawl; work in progress

I adore shawls and wear them constantly during the cooler months. I’ve designed and sewed many of my own, but I realized that I’m lacking with crocheted or knitted shawls. It’s high time I changed that, right? This Monday, I casted on the Diamonds and Pearls shawl. It’s a simple pattern that knits up very […]