Teaching crochet: Crochet & knitted amigurumi dolls. Knitted robe and shawl

This week, my biggest work in progress is teaching my daughter to crochet. I mainly knit, but I relearned crochet this past December, and I love it too.

My daughter crocheting
My daughter crocheting a square

Earlier this year, my daughter expressed interest in learning crochet. She didn’t stick with it after learning the simple chain and single crochet, and I didn’t push. She wasn’t ready and immediately went back to her comfort zone, sewing. She’s been sewing for three years; she’s nine-years old.

This time is different, she’s determined to learn crochet, and I believe her. I know my daughter well enough to know when she’s ready to master something, and so I’ll be there to gently coax her along if she gets frustrated. She told me that after she masters crochet, she wants to learn knitting.

My daughter crocheting
My daughter’s busy hands…

The crochet and knitted amigurumi dolls that I’ve made are the main reason she wants to learn. She’s seen how much fun I have turning my sketches into a lovely fiber art, and she wants design her own. She designs most of the clothing for her Monster High dolls. Occasionally, she’ll ask me to design outfits for them.

Last evening, I had her working on a simple crocheted square, and she did well. I told her initially, her crochet might not look as she’d like, and that was fine. If she persevered, crochet would become much easier, and eventually she’d be able to make whatever she likes.

Another crocheted amigurumi doll

Crochet: amigurumi doll
I need some clothes!

This past Friday, I started crocheting this amigurumi doll. I didn’t use a pattern. This doll is for my daughter’s best friend, and while we gave her some lovely presents at her Girlee Gurlz birthday party, in the back of my mind, I wanted to give her more.. so this will be an extra gift.


Knitted amigurumi doll
It’s time to sew everything together, embroider the face, and root the hair.

Knitted amigurumi doll

Yesterday, I finished knitting the legs for this knitted amigurumi doll, and last evening I sewed the seams. There are a few firsts going on here…. You see, it’s my first time knitting an amigurumi doll, and it’s also my first time making a non-fabric doll with seams. With crochet I’ve always made dolls in the round. With the next doll I knit, I’ll knit in the round too, with my circular needles.

Knitted robe for amigurumi doll

Knitted robe for amigurumi doll
This picture didn’t do a great job of showing that the collar is a different color, it’s dusky rose.

This is the robe I’m knitting for the knitted amigurumi doll. I’m using a seed stitch. Once this is complete I’ll add embroidery, and most likely line the robe. The book you see in the background, The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting has some lovely lace trim pattern and I’ll be using some of those as a gift to a friend. I know she’ll adore the hand-knitted lace trim.

Knitting: Diamonds and Pearls Shawl

Knitting; Diamonds and Pearls Shawl
I only managed a few rows of this shawl, hopefully I can complete this shawl soon.

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That’s so cool that your daughter is wanting to try it again, and I love it that she sews already too. I remember making really simple clothes for my action figures when I was little(ish). I only had 1 Barbie & 1 Ken so the had to be action figures too since they hung out with the Six Million Dollar Man and Pulsar. lol Anyway, while it’s not something I have stuck with over the years, it’s a skill I haven’t ever really lost completely, though I lack the dexterity I once had, and would probably have to put on glasses to do any fine stitching. πŸ˜‰

I don’t comment on every post, but I do read every post, and I just love looking at all your photos. Always puts a smile on my face. πŸ™‚
DragonLady recently posted..After a year

Minding My Own Stitches

Love the little doll with her blue hair! And a fancy lace robe too!
Minding My Own Stitches recently posted..Work-in-Progress Wednesday

Curls and Q

Your daughter is adorable! How wonderful that she wants to learn how to crochet! Kudos!

I really have to rest after looking at all of your projects! 8-)The doll is fun. Is the knit one put together yet?

I’ve been off visiting my daughter this week so all my blogging correspondence is behind.
Curls and Q recently posted..β€œ


Yay! I’m so excited that your daughter is learning to crochet! She looks like she is very determined so I have no doubt she will pick it up quickly. I learned the basics very young but got bored with it because all that anyone ever made was afghans back then so I put it aside, but years later, I picked it back up and remembered everything I learned, plus went on to learn more so if she at least gets the basics down she will have a skill for life! Sorry I have been kind of absent around here lately. I was crazy busy with a camping trip, my crochet order to fill and starting my Yarndango project. Whew – relieved to be on the other side of that now! πŸ™‚ Oh, and by the way, your daughter is such a pretty little thing. She definitely takes after her mom. Anyway, had to come over and see what you’ve been up to!