The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Posted by on November 12, 2012 at 6:10 am.

Oh my the time has flown by so quickly!

My daughter and I are looking forward to next month when we can finally go see The Hobbit, at the movie theaters.

We don’t watch too many movies at the theater, since we both seem to prefer watching them at home on our large flat screen television, without the potential crowding/noise that can accompany a theater… but I do believe we’ll make an exception for The Hobbit.


Last evening, I started making a cowl that I most likely will give away to someone, but I’ve decided to hold off and knit a few hobbity items for my daughter and myself. Now, I’ll just have to narrow down what I want to knit.

On Ravelry, The Lord of the Rings group, has numerous Hobbity patterns. I’ve already knitted a few over the past several months. And so I’ll be browsing those, and the pattern section at Ravelry so I can knit some hobbit inspired items for my daughter and me.


  • Sarah Jane says:

    Oh my…I can’t wait for The Hobbit to come out either!
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    Opal Reply:

    @Sarah Jane, The time has flown by so quickly. I read the book as a child. I believe I was in my twenties when I read Lord of the Rings. As great as the LOTR movie was, I still love the book even more. As much as was included within the movie, there still was a lot of awesome events/story lines
    that wasn’t included.
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  • Jason@Bible Studies says:

    I have been waiting since they announced it. Hopefully they will put it out in China where I live without waiting a month or two like they sometimes do.

    My mom read the whole series to my siblings and me when we were young at least 2-3 times so they have a nostalgic place in my mind as well. I’m glad they decided to make two movies out of the Hobbit so that we will have one more to look forward to.


    Opal Reply:

    I hope they release it quickly @Jason@Bible Studies,

    I have fond memories of my parents (mainly my mom) reading to my brother and I. She stopped once I became an avid reader; I was about six-years old. I then started reading to her. My nine-year old daughter loves to read too. I still read to her, but she reads also… right before her bedtime.
    Opal recently posted..Rounding up my equipment; cold process soap


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